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Personalized Photo Lithophane Nightlight

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This is a customized 3D printed lithophane nightlight! A unique and one-of-a-kind decoration or gift. You send your own photo in to us and we turn it into a highly detailed and meticulously crafted nightlight. It can be anything you like, maybe you want a loved one's photo, or your child, a team logo or even your favorite meme!

Our 3D printed lithophanes are a modern take on an old art form. Once made of porcelain, lithophanes have graced many an electrical outlet over the years. Our lithophanes are made of PLA which is a plant based plastic that is used to make compostable tableware, making our products more environmentally friendly than other plastics.

All of our nightlights come with a switched LED base which is bright enough to even enjoy during the day! Unlike most other sellers our upgraded LED bulbs are user replaceable so you can enjoy your nightlight even after the first 50,000 hours!

What is a lithophane?

Lithophanes were first adopted in the western world in the 1820’s by skilled craftsman and made from porcelain. The craftsman would carve an image into (usually) white porcelain so that when light was shown through the object it would display a gray-scale image.